Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How To Make A Snow White Costume

The past few weeks I have been going Snow White mad!

A while ago an invitation arrived for a Halloween dress up birthday party and I decided I would like to dress up as Snow White.

I jumped on ebay, found a great classic Snow White

..and lost.
Damn! It went for way more than I was prepared to pay.
Those things were going for alot of money.
There were other cheaper options, but I didnt want a slutty whore prostitute Snow White cossie....I mean, WTF is this?!

The only exception to this type of whore-slut Snow White is Shalom Harlow who does it with discreet sophistication.....
No, I wanted classic Snow White just like in the 1937 Disney movie.....

..... so I decided, hey! I can MAKE my own for a fraction of the cost these things go for used on Ebay, it'll be easy! Right? Hmm...we'll see!
Many hours were spent on the net researching Snow White costumes of all sorts.
A favourite place to check out all the very best S.W related stuff became "A Filmic Light:A Snow White Sanctum"..(just check out all these great photos of Snow White in Disneyland & Disney World!) and for more of this kind of thing......
....PLEASE go look at the S.W pet costumes!

Eventually I headed off to Spotlight with my head filled with the exact S.W imagery to gather some materials I would need acquired on a modest budget.
And I found exactly what I was looking for!

I dont know how to use patterns, so it was an exercise in studying images from our Little Golden Book copy of Snow White, plus another book, and Billie's Snow White doll and copying what I saw as best I could...

I started with the blue top part using a stretchy crushed velvet type fabric...and although classic Snow White has a very straight simple blue top with not much going on I decided to go for a more detailed look with criss-srossing ribbons like this.....

So here is the beginnings taking shape...
Next, how to tackle that big white stiff collar?
Not alot of progress pictures at this stage as I was too busy just getting stuck into it.
To make this collar I cut out some cardboard and drew the shape and cut it out, then covered the cardboard with a white satin fabric I had in my stash and sewed around the edge until it was completely covered....
Then I attached it to the back of what was to be the blue top section....(there's our Snow White doll and her collar)

So far, not too bad. Next up was tackling those bloody puffy sleeves with the blue and red pattern. I was quite stumped on this part, not sure what to do. Alot of guess work was involved!
I wasnt sure if I should go with the red ribbon effect design that the Snow White at Disneyland/Disney World has on her dress as seen here....

.....or to stick with the original Snow White dress which has what appears to be a cut out hole with red appearing underneath the blue....
I opted to go with the red cut out wasnt easy determining what size to make them and how they would appear once the sleeves were gathered up and in place.
I cut out the fabric and made 6 little eye shaped red fabric bits that I then sewed on to the blue sleeve panels....
Now there might be some steps missing along the way as I attempt to explain how things were made as I was just too preoccupied to get things going to stop and take photos!
So below you can see the sleeves have been attached to the blue body bit and I am sewing in an elastic strip to give the sleeve arm band a gathered stretchy fit.
There is alot of guess work going on, but I am happy at this point with how the sleeves are although I think I made the red eye shaped bits a bit too large..and maybe in retrospect the striped red ribbon look might have been a better option for a cleaner design look overall...nevermind!

Time to sew up the whole top body section and try it on.
At this stage there was ALOT of running backwards and forwards to the bathroom mirror to try on this top section and work out what needs fixing and what to do next.

It was about now that I wished I just shelled out more cash for a second hand costume on Ebay and not bothered trying to make my own....geesh...what was I thinking that I could pull this off?
I was convinced my end result would look really bad and all the time and stress to make it would be a waste of time.
But on I soldiered....too late now, can't stop..must finish it!

I have forgotten to take photos of the part where I created what will become the red cape sash bit around the front neckline...this was done mainly to cover up a whole heap of problems because the neckline WAS A MESS! Yikes...crooked, and did not cover my chest up I added this froo-froo ruffle in a bid to gain more coverage and the red fabric (cape sash) to cover up all the dodgy sewing and problem seemed to lead to another at this point!

Now you may also notice the criss-crossing ribbon is gone now! Yep, I decided I didn't like it, it was too fussy looking, so I used a little leftover blue fabric to cover up that middle section.
Next up it was CAPE making time, as I really wanted my Snow White outfit to have a little red cape!
I basically made a little square quilt, both sides in a shiny satin fabric. The underneath was a darker burgundy red satin fabric I already had in my fabric stash, and to give the cape a bit of a thick stiff body I used a spongy velour piece of material in between the back and front red satin panels.
Then it was time to attach the cape to the red sash bit I had already sewn onto the neckline of the top.
But wait - I decided to remove the froo-froo frilly stuff I had earlier attached around the neckline, it wasn't needed anymore and looked wonky and crappy and wrong. Simple is best.
I also had to rework the neckline a few times by gathering sections of it and sewing it together to shrink it up, make it smaller. Again, more running backwards and forwards to the bathroom mirror to check on how it looked.
So here is the cape attached!
And I had to sew it onto the back of the collar too...

Wow, it's starting to come together!
Yes, it may be a bit dodgy in places, but I was feeling better about things, and maybe the end result would actually be wearable and not too laughable!
Last up was making the big yellow skirt to complete the dress.
It is made up of 1.5 metres of shiny yellow satin fabric and 1 metre of a sheer yellow slightly sparkly fabric for that extra bit of magical princess swishy dress wow factor.
Making the yellow skirt bit was fairly simple, but I wasn't sure how to go about attaching the two dress bits together?

So I opted for the easy way out!
I kept the yellow skirt bit seperate, with a big stretchy elastic waistband and would tuck the top blue bit into the yellow skirt! It worked enough, although made my waistline look a little frumpy, but, hey, that's okay, I can deal with it as we're on the home stretch and I'm kind of getting over this whole project by now!
SO it's time to slip on my cute little Snow White flats with a bow (in pink - was the best I could find, and they were really cheap at $15 from Rubi Shoes!)..
....slap on some red lippy and a little red bow hairband too of course!

Here I am perched on the edge of our bath in our not-so-enchanted bathroom to take a few crappy photos of the end result!

Hmm..yes, okay, it is a little wonky and frumpy but....phew....I DID IT!

P.S It should be noted, we had a great time at the dress up birthday Halloween party that this costume was intended for, and of course as mentioned in my previous post, it got another wear the very next day for the kids in the street on Halloween night.
Who knows what other occasions it may come out again for!


  1. Thanks, I found your blog while looking for help making a Snow White costume for my granddaughter. You gave me some good ideas.